LPSS Board Waits to Approve Teacher Resources

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The Lafayette Parish School Board continues trying to balance a budget shortfall to the tune of $23.5 million. It took time to even get to the budget review, because of some heated debate during the regular board meeting.

“I’m not going to engage in word exchange,” says Assistant Superintendent Sandra Billeaudeau. Billeaudeau spoke plain and clear about the board waiting to approve Elementary English Language Arts curriculum resources design to support instruction.

 “Adopt and give us the resources necessary for us to move forward. That’s all we’re asking,” says Billeaudeau.

 The board voted to hold-off on funding the materials, at least until after the budget process. A decision EL Academic Specialist Stephane Bordelon doesn’t support. “We have schools using a multitude of different materials when it comes to teaching kids reading and writing. We need to get consistent, if we’re going to move our school district forward,” adds Bordelon.

LPSS Board Member Dr. Tehmi Chassion explained the materials were tested and the scores at that pilot program came back low. Retired Educator Patricia Sonnier wants the board to wait.

“I caution you about adopting something that didn’t work,” says Dr. Chassion.

The board was told new programs often turn out to be a challenge. Billeaudeau said the pilot proved positive at Carencro Heights. LPSS Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper.

“Just not a good reason to back off on something because oh my goodness it’s hard. Yes it’s a lot harder, but we can rise to the occasion,” explains Dr. Cooper.

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