4th of July Celebrations throughout Acadiana

Fireworks and barbeques are clear signs the 4th of July is here. At Girard Park the grillers were at the pit early Friday. A few arrived to get their celebration warmed-up in time for friends and families scheduled to arrive later.

“It’s perfect. I enjoy being with family and friends and we enjoy barbeque and boiling crawfish. Doing whatever it takes to have a nice time and we’re enjoying the weather,” says David Clay of Lafayette.

“Just enjoying the day and being with family and barbequing and cooking and something I love doing this. Yes ma’am,” explains Sonny Larkins of Carencro.The Lawrence family gathering got underway at Acadiana Park in Lafayette. It’s a get together they say is long overdue. A few arrived at the park early to claim a picnic table – knowing the fourth is bound to be a busy day. 

“I’m more excited than the kids I think. Yes ma’am,” says Jermain Jones of Lafayette.

Most people who can burn at the grill are often willing to offer some well-seasoned bar-b-que advice. “Babysit it, because it will get pass you. It will get way beyond you faster than what you think. If you’re on top of it and stay on it and your temperature is right, that’s your end result right there,” adds Jones.

At Acadian Park a group of men gathered for a game of Disc Golf. 

“It’s a good group of guys out here. We have a big following. We just put it on Facebook. We come out here and enjoy the beautiful weather. Plus, it’s not as hot. So we’re going to enjoy this weather.”

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