Abbeville expands city limits

One, two, now three neighborhood developments–previously unincorporated land–has been added to Abbeville. The latest–22.5 acres–became a part of the city last week.

Francis Plaisance, the city’s mayor pro-tem, couldn’t give us a figure, but said the new sub-divisons will mean big money when they are most likely finished in two to three years.

“With all the homes that are going to be built there…When you’re talking about 90 plus lots…you’re talking about homes and a lot of tax and of course the utility revenue we get from that,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Plaisance.

Of course, not free of charge for the city.

“If I remember correctly, it would be about $300,000 to get the utilities over to the property,” said Plaisance.

Street lights and sidewalks are included.

The latest parcel of land is the third phase of Plantation Ridge–a development–now part of the city’s northside off E. Jane Street.

Plaisance said the developer is one of few interested in building sub-divisions in the city.

“It’s exciting to see that happen and we would certainly hope that it would continue happening that way,” said Plaisance.

At the same time, he said, it would be nice to see annexations continue as well.

“Anything that can benefit the city and growth, we are interested in. If we can expand our boundaries, in any way, we’re interested in that too. When people ask for annexation, it’s usually involving a subdivision or business or something similar to that which brings revenue to the city,” said Plaisance.

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