Firefighters investigate Abbeville house fire

Abbeville firefighters battled an early morning blaze on Thursday that destroyed a historic home, taking with it over a century of the town’s history.


Caretaker Rose Hagood said the 113-year-old house on the 600 block of Charity Street caught fire around 1 a.m.


“I really don’t know what started it,” said Hagood.


Hagood, 71, who declined to appear on camera, said the vacant house was owned by her sister. Family members used it as a weekend retreat.


“I went to check the house, yesterday afternoon, and check the mail between 2:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. Everything was fine. None of the smoke alarms were going off or anything…The only thing that was connected was the refrigerator,” said Hagood.


Curious onlookers were trying to make sense of the fire as well; we saw dozens of motorists, like Joe Joe and Sue Beaudoin; one by one; slowing down; and stopping in front of the house throughout Thursday afternoon.


“Anytime in Abbeville, when those old houses burn down, it’s a sad thing…and it’s an historical district,” said the pair.


Hagood said the house was one of the first in the area, when it was built by her grandfather in 1898. An end to an era in her town and family’s history.


“But, they may start a new era with something else,” said Hagood.  


According to Hagood, the fire department says she could have the incident report by Saturday; possibly giving some insight into how the fire started.


So far, authorities said they do not suspect any wrongdoing.

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