Shane Romero runs for judge amid controversy

Following years of bickering and backlash, the Iberia Parish Council may have another concern—attorney Shane Romero’s latest political move.

“I would like think I could be an example of the reasons to bring back fairness and integrity,” said Shane.

The son of Parish President Errol “Romo” Romero, Shane is the first to publicly announce his candidacy for New Iberia City Court Judge. His candidacy comes after accusations from council members that Shane was allegedly influencing his father’s administration; even going so far as to bar council members from a press conference with his father.

On Wednesday, the council took steps to keep Shane out by unanimously voting to enlist the help of District Attorney Phil Haney to ban Shane from access to restricted areas in the parish courthouse. President Romero vetoed this move against his son, but Wednesday’s vote overturned it.

“I’m not worried about their attacks. I’m focused and committed to a positive campaign on how I can improve the quality of justice in New Iberia,” said Shane. 

Shane has already laid out his focus, if he’s elected to the bench.”One of my primary goals is going to be to take a more proactive role in juvenile issues and substance abuse matters,” said Shane.

Right now, Judge Robert Segura occupies the city court judge seat; and has for over 30 years. Judge Segura was first elected to the bench back in 1981, making him the second longest serving city court judge in New Iberia history.

Judge Segura declined an on camera interview. The qualifying period for the November 4th election is August 20 through August 22.

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