Draft for Johnston to Verot connection moves forward

The Lafayette Metropolitan Planning Organization would like to see a road connecting Johnston Street to Verot School Road. They voted to move their concept forward to the City-Parish Planning Commission on Wednesday. 


Jim Diehl and more than 30 other residents, who would live near the new corridor, spent over an hour and a half trying to convince the committee members in the organization to vote against it.


“I find that they drew the lines arbitrarily and I wanted to make that opinion known to them,” said Diehl.


Mike Hollier is the planning manager for the organization. He said those lines represent an extension of South City Parkway to Verot School Road, including a bridge over the Bayou Vermilion.


With no proposal, no price tag, and no funding for the concept; he said those lines only represent an idea.


“In hindsight a dash line, a straight dash line, should have been drawn,” said Hollier.  


Three residents were asking committee members whether or not the planned Costco Wholesale, on Ambassador Caffrey Parkway, was playing a role in that line with one part of the concept connecting the extension to Ambassador Caffrey.


“This discussion has been going on for at least two or three years before Costco was on anybody’s imagination,” said City-Parish President Joey Durel.


Durel said it could be decades before a road is actually built.


The organization and planning commission will hold public meetings to discuss connecting Verot with Johnston.


You can find information on those meetings by going to the Lafayette Consolidated Government website: LafayetteLA.gov.

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