Bomb scare and Oil Center shoppers

“It didn’t deter me. I didn’t think anything was going on in this area, but apparently everything is alright,” noted Christopher Kenney of Baton Rouge.

The bomb threat at UL Lafayette Wednesday was sort of a flashback for Christopher Kenney of Baton Rouge. Kenney said he remembers when there was such a scare at his college. 

“I remember how long it took us to evacuate that campus. I was just wondering how long it would take them; and if they would have some of the similar problems that we dealt with.”Business owners at the Oil Center in Particular Heymann Village say business went on as usual. People continued to shop. 

Janelle Daigle at Kitchenary said the store remained open and will stay open as scheduled. “Business has been fine. I had a few customers who had a couple of streets to crossover, but they found their way here and we’re having a great day,” added Daigle.

The same for the other businesses within the shopping center. Everyone heard about it one way or another. 

“We has a couple of phone calls asking us if we’re going to be closing because of the road closures. It didn’t affect us at all we saw appoints as scheduled,” said Nancy Solis of Toby Wexler Veterinarian. The General Manager at Tropical Smoothie Cafe followed suit. 

Amber Patterson said it was business as normal and it will continue to be so. “A lot of people were having a hard time reaching us and like getting to us because of the road closures. It did have an impact on business. We’re still open. We’re fully operated. We’re still definitely serving our customers,” said Patterson.

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