Students miss bomb warning, UL-Lafayette investigates

The UL-Lafayette bomb threat came in around 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday.


Joey Pons, who assists with public safety and risk management for the university, said an hour and a half later they sent out an alert on their emergency notification system.


Some students allege they never got the warning.


“We have received reports that some of our students and participants in the emergency notification did not receive the message,” said Pons.


Pons said about five to ten students never got a warning text message; over 10,000 messages were sent out.


“We are investigating that report and trying to determine what exactly happened,” said Pons.


Following the bomb threat more than 600 members of the UL-Lafayette community were evacuated from campus. Though the bomb was a hoax, Pons said, had it been real their plan would have been equally as effective.


“The rationale behind the response from the university’s point of view is basically the same regardless of the incident,” said Pons.


The university has what’s called an “all hazards plan.” Whether it’s a flood, fire or an explosion—it’s a one size fits all solution to a crisis.


“The key thing to know with respect to planning is to assemble your human resources together,” said Pons.


Pons said every department on campus has someone trained for an emergency situation.


Aside from text messaging, pons said their emergency notification system includes e-mail, social media, and the university’s website.  

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