Concerns Over Traffic Near School

With school set to start in a few weeks so too will the traffic. Traffic for parents and school buses dropping off and picking-up students. One Lafayette parish school board member is getting a jump start on the issue and he says Ridge Elementary has some traffic issues that need to be resolved.

District Five Lafayette Parish school board member Kermit Bouillion explains Ridge Elementary is somewhat at a cross roads and the traffic build-up concerns him.

Bouillion: “At the same time teachers are coming-in, bus drives are bringing in the students.  To me it’s just an avenue waiting for an accident.”

An accident Bouillion is trying to prevent.  At this week’s school board meeting he requested a helping hand. He asked the superintendent to provide a person who can do some traffic control at the school.

Bouillion said he already spoke to the principal of Ridge Elementary and the sheriff about using the school’s resources officer.

Bouillion: “The sheriff said “no.”  A resource officer stays in the school.  He said if want to get someone to direct traffic you’ll have to pay for someone else.”

Sandra Billeaudeau, Assistant Superintendent of Lafayette Parish Schools says that after talking with the district’s academic officer, state transportation department and sheriff’s department at least one idea surfaced.

Billeaudeau: “There working trying to develop a solution. We’ve looked at a roundabout there.”

Bouillion also mentioned the speed limit along Ridge Elementary.  He said it’s normally 55 miles per hour.

Bouillion: “during school it drops to 45 mph, but even at that point 45 mph if front of a school; I think that’s way too fast.”

Billeaudeau: “They are very very much aware. This was brought up.  The principal got right on it and so did staff.  So just to let you know, we’re working diligently and waiting on an answer from them.”    

The assistant superintendent told the board the speed limit posting in a school zone is normally 10 miles less than the actually speed limit. This might explain the speed limit at ridge elementary only dropping from 55 to 45 miles per hour.

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