Iberia Parish Street Flooding

The streets surrounding the Iberia Parish Courthouse were some of the worst hit by flooding on Friday.

The National Weather Service estimates the rain event will leave about a foot of water in its wake.

Parish council member David Ditch works just across the street, but had to put his paper work on hold; instead spending the afternoon pumping water away from his building.

“I was raised here….and especially in this area, I just came back from Admiral Doyle, and it’s definitely some of the worst street flooding I’ve seen,” said Ditch.

Inside the courthouse, Prescott Marshall—who heads up the parish office of homeland security and emergency preparedness—spent his afternoon monitoring the heavy rainfall and roads. With more than ten of them, he said, closed on Friday.

“If rain exceeds what was used in making that forecast we know we are going to continue to have problems and potentially people getting in accidents and difficulty getting home,” said Marshall.

As of Friday afternoon, the Parish Sheriff’s Office was reporting 11 car accidents with two minor injuries over a 12-hour period.

Those numbers could climb, said Marshall.

“If the weather turns any worse than it already is, if it rains any more heavily than we’re already expecting, the roads will become even more flooded,” said Marshall.

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