Road named after fallen deputy

Police Jurors in Vermilion Parish are honoring a fallen hero in a very special way. The police jury is dedicating a road in honor of Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Allen Bares, Jr. who was shot and killed while attempting to stop a burglary on his day off. 

District Nine Police Juror Kevin Sagrera said he’s honored this road will be located in his district. 

“We dedicated a road that goes into the correctional facility in memory of Allen Bares Jr,” said Sagrera. On Monday evening, Vermilion Parish Police Jurors officially renamed Savoy Road to Allen Bares Jr. 

Drive in remembrance of the fallen deputy. Sagrera said there’s a reason this specific road was chosen. “It’s a road leading into the law enforcement correctional facility and it’s a road that his coworkers and everyone will be traveling daily so we felt it was a fitting tribute to him to memorialize him,” said Sagrera. Sagrera said naming a road in Bares’ honor was a decision that was agreed upon by all jurors in the parish. 

“The correctional facility is in the district so we thought it was a good place for it to be. It was really the jury as a whole. We talked with other jurors and we decided it was just a fitting place for it to be done,” said Sagrera. 

Sagrera adds this is just one way to honor Bares’ memory and his dedication to law enforcement.”To me, it’s important to the family and it’s important to remember him and I’m just glad that I’m able to do it. It’s not about me, it’s about him and remembering him and he’s gone too soon,” said Sagrera. 

Deputy Bares’ mother, Lynn Bares said this a great way to remember him and hopes this will bring the community closer together. Sagrera said the road signs in honor of fallen deputy Allen Bares Jr. will go up Tuesday, July 22 at 9:00 a.m.

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