Growth in Maurice

The small village of Maurice is steadily growing year after year and will soon be considered a town due to the growing number of residents. “According to the 2010 census we had grown about 60 percent from the year 2000 census. Since that time we have experienced probably close to another 60 percent growth,” said Mayor of Maurice, Wayne Theriot.

According to Theriot in 2010, there were about 964 residents in the village, and is now home to close to 1,500. As a result, Maurice’s classification will now move up to a town.

“I think people like the small town community feel that we have. Under my administration, we’ll do everything that we can to keep that feel even though we will move from being called a village to a town,” said Theriot. This past May, Maurice collected $72,700 in sales taxes, which is $20,000 more than this time last year collecting more than the towns with larger populations in Vermilion Parish. He said this was made possible with the help of growing subdivisions and even a new shopping center. “We have tremendous growth economically. Our sales tax revenue has increased which is a good sign. It means our businesses are prospering as well as our citizens are prospering,” said Theriot. Mayor Theriot adds this is not only exciting for the village of Maurice, but the parish as well. 

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