LSU Ag Healthy Eating Campaign

If you’ve been on any area highways recently, you may have noticed something new; billboards advertising healthy eating.

It’s part of LSU Ag Center’s new program to convince low-income residents that eating healthier does not necessarily mean spending more.

Low-income families and residents receiving government assistance, are the target of LSU Ag Center’s latest campaign for healthy eating.

Tiffany Williams of the center’s Lafayette office says your community may already be a part of their new

“Let’s eat for the health of it” campaign…just look for the signs…”

Williams “Throughout the state we billboards they started running in June and they’re going to run roughly about a year and a half.”

 “With nearly five dozen billboards, Williams says the campaign to push residents to eat fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins doesn’t stop there.”

Williams: “Posters and banners you may see in schools around different places and communities such as WIC offices public health units.

“Robert “According to the LSU Ag Center, eating healthy is not just for the rich. Let’s take a look at one of their posters. They take a week’s worth of groceries high in fiber, high in protein, high in vitamins, high in calcium it’s about $73.00 compared to a diet high in fat, sugar and preservatives that’s ninety-one dollars”

 Williams “A lot of people equate healthy eating with buying organic with buying grass fed meat but you don’t necessarily have to buy all that to eat healthy.

The program is run under the Ag Center’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. More widely-known as SNAP.

We tried contacting the head of that program to find out how much the campaign would cost the state. She was unavailable for comment as of news time.

For more information on recipes and tips for healthy eating and living, as well as information on classes…you can log on to

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