True Vine Ministries Youth Explosion Conference

An update on a tragic story from about two years ago. 36-year old Carencro native Craig Cormier was away on business in a Port City of Venezuela. During a lunch break with co-workers, he was shot and killed in a random shooting.

True Vine Ministries of Scott is where services were held for Cormier. It’s also the place where his daughter has found peace.The young members of True Vine Ministries rehearsed for a Youth Explosion Conference on July 25, 26. The choir is hoping other young people in the community will come.

“Those who maybe going through any peer pressure, low self-esteem. To give them an outlet to praise and worship God,” says congregation member LaQuincy Smith.

Among the choir is Maya Bobinox of Lafayette. Bobinox is the step daughter of Craig Cormier who lost his life in Venezuela. “He came in as head of household and took control; and helped to literally raise us as his own,” says Bobinox.

Bobinox says it was a difficult time in her life. Her stepfather Cormier was in Venezuela January 2012. He was working a job for an oil and gas company out of Houston. We’re told the second night he was there, a fight broke out between two men on a boardwalk. Cormier was hit by a bullet and died at the scene.

“I was confused and didn’t understand. I was a teenager in high school,” adds Bobinox.

 Bobinox will be performing for the Youth Explosion: “Out of the Box” at True Vine Ministries at 1555 West Willow Street. “Just loving souls and it makes you want to be a better person,” explains Bobinox.

Saturday the Conference will feature a guest speaker out of Shreveport. ” He has preached here before and he’s dynamic. He’s young and dynamic,” says congregation member LaShonda Francis.

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