Critical shortage of full time K-12 classroom teachers declared by LPSS


Lafayette, LA – To ensure Lafayette Parish School System is fully staffed on the first day of
school, the administration is declaring a critical shortage of full time K-12 classroom teachers.

Taking this action will allow us to hire certified, well-qualified retired teachers to serve in
positions that are vacant at this time, approximately forty to fifty positions.

In following the Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana’s procedures in declaring this critical
shortage the full time K-12 classroom teacher vacant positions will be advertised in local
classifieds within the coming week and will be posted on our website at

It is unfortunate that this has come to pass in this school system, but we have had teachers
resign or refuse offers based on their perception that there is no current budget that has been
adopted by the Lafayette Parish School Board; therefore they fear that the Board may declare a
Reduction In Force (RIF), and these professionals insist, as is to be rightfully expected, job

In spite of this, it is this administration’s ultimate goal to provide the students of
Lafayette Parish with high-quality, exemplary teachers.

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