Duson PD Chief Removal Update

The former police chief of Duson isn’t saying much these days, after getting the axe during a town council meeting last week.

Frank Andrew was appointed by Mayor Johnny Thibodeaux as Chief of Police in the Town of Duson in 2009. Five years later he was terminated from his position for reasons that are still unclear, according to his attorney, Marcus Allen. “They didn’t give a clear reason for his termination, you have to understand that when we went to the meeting it was not for a termination hearing”says Allen.

A letter was sent to Andrew stating the town council was entering an executive session to discuss his employment status as chief of police. “And then it turns into something else, that’s where the problem occurred” his attorney Marcus Allen tells News Ten.

Allen says there’s a certain process that is supposed to take place. For most cities and towns, law enforcement is protected under civil service laws, policies and procedures.

“I wish that the city would have followed the precise methodology for trying to get what they want. I even informed them ahead of time that they need to look at this very closely” said Allen. If those steps were taken, Allen believes there may have been a different outcome.

“I think that if it was done right, the procedures were followed, we may have had a different result on that night, I’m not saying that inevitably they still wouldn’t have fired the chief, but they would not have done it on that night.”

Now that the council has made it’s decision, what’s next for the former chief?

His attorney tells News Ten they’ve been discussing several different options, but there will be something done, it will not stand like it is.

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