LPSS Teacher Shortage Critical

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It’s roughly three weeks until the start of school and Lafayette Parish School System is facing a shortage of teachers. It’s officially been declared a “critical shortage.”

Superintendent Doctor Pat Cooper says more or less declaring a “critical shortage” is about legality which will allow them to hire retirees to fill the vacant slots.

There’s roughly 40 to 50 spots that need to be filled by the beginning of the school year. Doctor Cooper says he’s confident they will make those hires in time. But it’s the uneasy budget that’s kept full-time teachers at bay.

“Just in case we can’t find regular teachers to fill those positions, this gives us the permission to go ahead and hire these retired teachers that otherwise by state law would not be eligible” says Cooper.

The school board must finalize a budget by September 15th or face consequences from the state board of education.

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