Tougher OWI Laws Ahead

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There is an OWI checkpoint Saturday Night in Lafayette Parish and following this year’s legislative session, those caught drinking and driving could face newer sometimes stricter laws. Some are already in effect, but others begin August first, and tackle multiple-offenders. Among the new laws those facing their first or second OWI offense will appear on the driver’s license record unless the department of public safety and corrections gets notice of a final dismissal.

Previously, that only happened if the court notified the DPSC of a denied dismissal. In addition those with their 4th offense OWI will have to face mandatory jail time and after 10-years, those convicted of OWI vehicular homicide and negligent injury will no longer have those convictions exempt it will count towards any new charges.

Saturday’s checkpoint will be between 9:00 PM and 3:00 AM at an unspecified location in Lafayette Parish.

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