LUS Sewer Expansion

Lafayette Parish is expected to gain about ninety thousand more residents over the next sixteen years. Lafayette Utilities System is planning for this reality. Next year, the utilities provider will start a twenty-five million dollar expansion of their south sewage treatment plant off West Bayou Parkway in Lafayette city. Once completed, it’s expected to handle additional treatment capacity, handle the sludge that comes out of the treatment process and excess rain water. LUS officials says the expansion is already budgeted, but customer utility rates may increase in the future.

“There is a possibility, but these kind of expansions may affect utility rates, but we don’t know what that number would be yet it depends on a lot of factors because utility systems combine systems it has electric water and sewer so we would have to look at the whole thing before we make that decision” says LUS Director Terry Huval.

Huval says around five and a half million gallons of waste wate pass through the south sewage plant, with the expansion LUS expects to see about eight million gallons.

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