The Future of Louisiana Agriculture

If farmers around the country are going to continue to produce crops to feed a growing population, they must embrace new technology in order for it to be possible. Louisiana is looking into technologies that will aid the future food supply.

State Agricultural Commissioner, Dr. Mike Strain says they’re working on technology that will continue to produce feed crops to sustain present and future populations, which is expected to top around 9 billion by 2050. Among those technologies are global positioning satellites, infrared analysis and root water technology.

Strain says over the last two decades, the state has lost nearly 20% of its farmland for a number of different reasons.”One is urban encroachment. Two, the average age of the farmer is growing. We’re now closer to 58,” said Strain.

“And we see farmland converted for other purposes and we need to start an active campaign for farmland preservation.”In order to meet population demand, Strain estimates over 90% of soybeans, corn, and cotton on the market today are GMOs, also known as genetically modified organisms.

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