Lawn and Garden– Chinch Bugs

On your Lawn & Garden we’re talking about chinch bugs, they’re everywhere, but the thing is you don’t see them.  So John, how do we find a chinch bug to start off with?

John: Well, it’s sort of hard, but the way to check to see if you have them is, in between the dead area and the good area, you can put a bean can with both ends cut out and put it about two inches into the ground and then pour water in there.  They’ll float to the top.

You’re gonna have some dead areas that look like brown patch in your lawn and they’re gonna eventually grow from there. It’s an insect that’s messing with the roots of your grass and that’s why you see it die. This is the best product right here, really for everything, for ants, chinch bugs, whatever you have. And it’ll last you four to six months, for ants or chinch bugs.

So, one application, but you wanna apply to the whole lawn, if you just do half of it, well you’re gonna have them on the other side. You can treat half an acre with this product.

People with smaller lawns I have this bug blaster, which is very similar too it, with smaller lawns you can use this. It works great.

And we have the liquid product the 38plus.  What you want to do is water your lawn first. By doing that it brings the insects up.  So when you come back with the 38plus, the Bug Blaster, or the Talstar, it kills them right away. So that’s the trick on killing them, bringing them up to the top, putting your poison down.

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