Lawn and Garden– Fleas

Gary:  Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about pests in your yard, or around your home.  Fleas and flies; what do you do about them? John says I have a couple of ideas.

John: Yeah.  You have to products out to control them.  If you don’t thy just get worse and then it’s harder to get rid of them.  Main one right now is fleas. We have the outdoor product right here, it’s called thirty eight plus. You spray your lawn.  If you’re having a bad problem you want to spray two or three times a week. After that you can go to twice, then once a week, until you get them under control. That’s for outdoors, you can also get it indoors. We have the indoor products you can use right here.  We even have a glue trap, I don’t know if people use these, but you put your glue trap down on your floor underneath a night light and all the fleas are attracted to it at night. You put on that light and they all go to that. So it’s a good trick to clean them up.  You want to also vacuum as often as you can.  You are picking them up, some the eggs and things like that.  You want to then make sure you throw that away and get it out of the house.

Right here we have foggers that some people use. Or I have this aerosol spray right here which is good, it has a precore product in it, which helps get them before they start hatching. It also kills them. You can spray this on carpets, furniture, anything like that.

For the dog itself we have the frontline products, like these products here that you use once a month. It does a great job you just have to do all these things to get rid of them.  If you don’t they’re gonna come back and you’re starting all over again.

Everybody is barbecuing right now so the flies are getting bad and I have this granular product that you put out and it attracts the flies to it so you don’t want to put it right by you.  Maybe ten or twenty feet away, the flies are gonna go to that.  We also have these bags right here that you fill with water, it has th attractant in there and you just hang it wherever.  This bag will fill up with flies.  It’s amazing how well it works.

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