LPSS Budget Talks Continue

Lafayette Parish School Board President, Dr. Hunter Beasley says the board still has some cuts to consider at Thursday’s 5:30pm budget meeting.   Dr. Beasley says the cuts are recommendations from both the board and school district staff.  He calculates the board has close to or about $6 million of a shortfall remaining. 

The initial projected shortfall for the upcoming school year was around $23 million.  “Maybe hopefully we’ll get pretty close to having a balanced budget.  That’s what I’m envisioning for Thursday evening.”

He says a large portion of the overall budget has already been approved. Beasley adds that the board is close to balancing the General Fund. However, he notes going over special revenues remains on the to do list. “I envision we’re going to be on-time. We’re going to be on track in following the timeline we have in place,” says Beasley.

The school board’s timeline calls for a public hearing August 20 to adopt the budget. The superintendent plans to propose a new budget from the boards suggested cuts. “If we can balance the budget with the cuts we already put out there, and the cuts that could be coming; that’s really what our job is. If he wants to come back with something, we can either accept it or reject it,” adds Dr. Beasley.

Beasley explains that if the board isn’t able to finish filling the shortfall, then a meeting has been pre-scheduled for the upcoming Saturday.

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