Abandoned Kittens Rescued From Dumpster

 A horrible case of animal cruelty has a happy ending, thanks to some dedicated volunteers in Lafayette.  Nine newborn kittens were abandoned in a dumpster outside a local business earlier this week, and after a passerby fortunately found them, members of FLASh, or Friends of the Lafayette Animal Shelter, stepped up to help.

The kittens are being cared for in two separate foster homes, and are being bottle fed every two hours, around the clock.  Volunteers Michelle Youngberg and Dr. Shelly Liles say the effort is definitely worth it, and the kittens are already starting to improve, gaining weight to now tip the scales at almost eight ounces.

If you’d like to help, donations would be greatly appreciated.  Just go to FLASh’s Facebook page or log on to www.flashlafayette.org.  You can send checks to FLASh at P.O. Box 51609, Lafayette, LA 70505.  To access their PayPal account, send an email to contact@flashlafayette.org.

Thanks for any help you can give these little miracles!



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