More Possible Jail Time for Attempted Suicide Convict

A St. Martinville man, who allegedly tried bleeding himself to death in court on Thursday, may face up to two more years in jail.

Assistant District Attorney Chester Cedars said he is looking at possibly charging 57-year-old Robbie Frith with self-mutilation by a prisoner.

Frith was convicted on five counts of aggravated incest, which carries a minimum of 125 years of jail time.

Cedars has been assistant district attorney for St. Martin Parish for over 18 years and practicing law for over 40 years, “so, I’ve seen a lot of stuff in the court room,” said Cedars.

But, never anybody trying to kill themselves—that changed just after Frith’s conviction.

“He stood up and made comments to the effect of he wasn’t going to jail; well he was wrong,” said Cedars.

Before he was hauled off by parish sheriff’s deputies, Frith pulled out a razor blade and slit his wrists and neck.

Head of security for the courthouse said Frith went through the courthouse metal detector and emptied his pockets on his way into the courtroom.

TV 10 tested out the detector by going through with a razor blade similar to the one Frith used—the detector never made a sound.

“This [razor blade] is a small instrument probably less sensitive than a paperclip,” said Cedars.

Basically, not enough metal to set off the detector.

So, Cedars said, realistically, Thursday’s scene couldn’t have been prevented. Aside from the detector and security team, there were three sheriff’s deputies in the courtroom.

“I might take some precautions with my staff and establish some better protocol to protect my staff, but not to prevent what he did,” said Cedars.

Had there been no detectors, security team or deputies, Cedars said, the situation could have been much more severe.

Man attempts suicide in courtroom

Earlier this afternoon, many people were witnesses to an attempted suicide inside of a St. Martinville courtroom.This happened after 57-year-old Robbie Frith cut himself multiple times when he was found guilty of five separate counts of aggravated incest.

Frith was previously out on bond and snuck a small razor blade into the courtroom. Assistant District Attorney Chester Cedars said Frith cut both of his wrists and his neck.

“He stood up and made the comment that he was not going to jail and produced a small razor blade and attempted to kill himself. I immediately saw how severe his injuries was to his left wrist. I took my tie and applied pressure to the wound,” said Cedars.

Cedars said Frith seemed to be in stable condition and will remain in custody. Frith faces a minimum of 25 years for each count of aggravated incest. Cedars adds that this incident will not affect Frith’s formal sentencing on September 25th.

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