LPSS Board President Pleased with Budget

The Lafayette Parish School Board apparently has another budget decision to make. LPSS Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper explained that by law it’s his job to prepare the budget for the board to adopt.

On Thursday, the board balanced the school district’s budget shortfall of about $20 million for the upcoming school year. The budget was balanced through board approved cuts and excess rainy day fund dollars. “I am pleased with how everything worked out. The board whittled the deficit from $20 million down to basically about a million, then we went into the rainy day fund,” explains LPSS Board Pres. Dr. Hunter Beasley.

A fund the board was reluctant to use, but did so as long as three months of savings remains untouched. The board president says that’s emergency money the school district needs to have, just in case. “I’m happy how it turned out. It was a long process, but it’s a lot better than going $20 million into the rainy day fund . We still have our three months of reserve.”

Beasley adds school district staff prepared to return to the board to explain why certain cuts need restored. Beasley notes that’s understandable.“We kicked in another $2.5 million so staff could purchase or do whatever they need to do prior to the start of school. They can divide it up however they feel is best,” says Dr. Beasley.

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