Lafayette Sees Increase of Robberies

Lafayette saw a slight crime wave with an up tick of armed robberies last month.  In July, the number of robberies in the city of Lafayette involving a weapon jumped fifty percent from the same month last year and seventy-one percent from this past June.

Lafayette Police Corporal Paul Mouton says “From July of this year we had a total of twenty-four which is higher than what we showed last year where we had 16 which shows a difference of about 8 armed robberies in comparisons to June of this year when you go month to month from June to July we showed 14 so far that we had this year in the month of June.””

Corporal Paul Mouton of the Lafayette Police Department doesn’t have a break-down of the armed robberies, like a bank robbery versus a mugger on the street with a gun, but he says quote a good percentage of the armed robberies in July involved convenience stores end quote.

“It’s not something that we like to see. But it’s one of those things where in the majority of the cases, like we are investigating now, we believe at least five, maybe six of those unsolved armed robberies are related.”

In the past, Mouton says, the department has been known to go undercover.

“We had an operation that was run in 2013 where the individual that committed multiple convenience store robberies was in the process of entering the store and two of our officers running the operation took him into custody.”

Mouton says of the two dozen armed robberies, a couple of arrests have been made, the rest are still under investigation.

Mouton says the department is quote following some very positive leads end quote with the July bank robbery on Johnston Street.

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