New School Bus Laws

Where your child gets picked up and dropped off by the school bus may be changing soon thanks to a new Louisiana state law intended to protect children.

It’s a new school bus law in hopes of preventing tragedies like the one a New Orleans family must live with every day. The loss of their 6 year old, Shaud Wilson who was fatally hit by a car while crossing the street to his school bus stop in February. The law states that busses must pull out of a traffic lane and onto a shoulder or parking lot to let children on and off.

The new law could be challenging, being that in urban settings a lot of schools don’t have areas where busses can pull in off of the street and stop, and in rural areas busses would have to make a u turn each time students lived on the right and left of a 2-lane highway.

The attorney general says the law doesn’t have to be implemented immediately but that school districts have to be working on a plan now.

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