St. Mary fire rating drops with insurance costs

Home and business insurance rates will be decreasing in the Four Corners Area of Jeanerette starting in early September.

Fire Chief Clarence Clark said St. Mary Parish Fire District 11 earned a better fire grade this year.

“Some homeowners may see $100 or $200 a year or maybe more drop. I’m just guesstimating. I’m not 100 percent sure. Some businesses may also see, you know, a big drop in their insurance,” said Chief Clark.

Every five years, fire stations receive a grade between one and 10 from the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana—one being the best and 10 being the worst. Clark said three years ago District 11 was rated a six going on a seven—now, District 11 is a five.

“Paperwork was being turned in, we implemented a well-defined training program with LSU, we boosted the membership roster here to where we had a medium of 11 volunteer firefighters on every fire call, the trucks started rolling out in a timely fashion, and we were getting the amount of equipment that was needed,” said Clark.

Clark said the new rating will go into effect on September 8th.

“They should see it right away. They should see that change and I encourage some of the homeowners and business owners to contact their insurance reps and advise them. [They should say] Hey, we’ve had a change in our fire rating, because not all the time will you see an insurance company call a business or homeowner,” said Clark

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