State Police review complaints filed against Youngsville PD

UPDATE: Youngsville Police Chief, Earl Menard, just released this statement about Louisiana State Police’s investigation into the Youngsville Police department.:

“We are unaware of and have not been contacted by the State Police or any other agency regarding an investigation of or Police Department. Therefore we are not able to comment or give any information about recent news stories indicating otherwise.”

Mayor files complaints against PD   

The State Police are reviewing complaints filed against Youngsville Police Department. Mayor Wilson Viator says complaints made by two YPD officers lead to his decision to file a report with the state police.

On June 12th, former Youngsville Police Officer Christopher “Beau” Navarre went before the Youngsville City Council. Navarre told the council he resigned after seven months. He said for one, he never received his entitled supplemental pay. “Every time it was it’s not our fault. It’s not our problem or there was always an excuse.”

Plus, Navarre said he found evidence being mishandled. Navarre wasn’t alone, because a police officer employed at that time complained too. “His exact words were it’s probably going to cost me my job, but I want to go on record also to say there is evidence missing and evidence has been tampered with and I don’t want to be blamed for it,” says Viator explaining what the officer said.

Viator says his decision to report the alleged incidents to state police was under the advisement of his attorney. Viator explains that was seven weeks ago and he hasn’t heard anything since. “Just make them aware of the incidents and send them the minutes from the meeting and put it in their hands and if they want to do something fine and if not fine. I just needed to be sure I done everything right that I should do as Mayor and I think I did,” adds Viator.

“Part of why I went to the meeting was to bring the topic up in hopes it would get the attention it needed for an investigation. There are some things that are not done right and need to be looked into,” comments Navarre

Navarre explains when he mentioned at the council meeting that he was the voice for officers; he explains he was only referring to speaking-up for those in fear of losing their job.

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