Lafayette arson investigations update

The Hub City has fallen victim to nine arsons in recent months. All of which happened in fairly close proximity to one another. Some, much close to others. The most recent being Tuesday morning on the 200 block of Dolese Street. On June 12th, the house that once occupied the lot 203 Dolese was destroyed due to arson. Less than two months later, the vacant house directly across the street was set ablaze.

“We got the call about 6:30 for that morning that smoke was coming out of a vacant structure, when we got there, there was heavy smoke and some fire located inside of the bedroom in the back of the house” says Alton Trahan, Lafayette Fire Department

Trahan says the blaze did not take long to extinguish and first responders were able to quickly determine the fire was intentionally set. “The home had been vacant for several months. The doors were open so obviously some people had been going in and out that home for quite some time.” As investigators continue working to solve the eight arsons from the month of June, Trahan says they are searching for a connection, “We’re kind of examining that to see whether or not, it’s just the matter of which the fire was started and how it was set. The other ones, we pretty much interviewed everybody who either we saw or was around the area at the time.

We spoke to many neighbors and businesses as well as some information that we received, unfortunately right now we’re pretty much at a dead end without any new information” said Trahan. The lack of information is why the department is seeking the public’s assistance. “Our hope is that anyone viewing this that may have some information to call 232–tips to kind of help us out because everything has been quiet with the exception of the fire that we just had Tuesday morning.” In most arson cases any evidence left behind is burned during the fire, or destroyed in the extinguishing process. But, Trahan says they are currently awaiting evidence from previous arsons to return, to advance their investigation.

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