Deputies tackle school traffic

At Ridge Elementary School in Lafayette Parish, traffic flow is normally a major concern. On the first day of school, apparently that wasn’t the case.  “There was a deputy who put a vest on and he actually directed traffic right here at the intersection,” explained district school board member Kermit Bouillion.

The school principal explained the traffic pile-up Tuesday was less than what was expected.  “It just seemed they [parents] were preparing for a little more worse, but it ended up being a little bit better overall for everybody,” says principal Mark Rabalais.

In July, Bouillion sought help from the parish sheriff who responded with two deputies to direct traffic in front of the school.  “It was just a great asset.  He had his lights on his patrol car that helped people slow down and let people be aware there is a school here,” says Bouillion.

We’re told the principal even asked parents to let their children ride the school bus to and from school. Bouillion made note that request should be extended parish-wide.  “Because there will be less automobiles in our parking lot and less traffic. This refers to all of the parish.  More kids should be riding the bus.  That’s what your taxes are paid for.  It’s to help educate the children and provide free bus service. So utilize it,” adds Bouillion.

Bouillion plans to contact the sheriff to inquire about the length of time the school will have the deputies for use.

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