Local activist helps fight Ebola

More than 1,000 people have died from the latest Ebola outbreak in Western Africa, said the World Health Organization.

So far, three countries have been hit Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.

Liberian native Eric Wowoh said his family is still trapped.

Although Lafayette is now his home, he is still working to help his country in this crisis.

“There’s nobody going to their offices, no businesses, and no movement—like people moving from Lafayette to Baton Rouge. Nobody going nowhere, staying indoors, staying where you at until we find the spread of the virus,” said Wowoh.

Meanwhile, Wowoh is trying to spread safeguards, like surgical masks, hand sanitizer, and latex gloves around Liberia relying on donors from right here in Acadiana.

He’s looking to doctors and hospitals, but individual donors could help stop the spread as well, said Wowoh. In fact, he said, a product as simple as bleach could help save a life.

“According to the World Health Organization, you have to have a bucket of Clorox and water in front of your house every time you come out you have to wash your hands and when you shake people’s hand you gotta come back and wash with Colorox. They don’t have that there,” said Wowoh.

Many Liberians also don’t have schools with the help of Acadiana, Wowoh said, his organization Change Agent Network has built 14 around Liberia.

“Our kids are not in school, so it’s very alarming to all of us,” said Wowoh.

For a list of needed supplies in Liberia or to get involved, search Change Agent Network or go to www.canintl.org.

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