LPSS budget process resumes

Lafayette Parish School System Chief Financial Officer, Billy Guidry says if all goes as planned at Thursday’s budget meeting the board could authorize his office to proceed with the budget adoption process. “We would advertise that the public can come to the office and inspect the budget for both the general fund and special revenue fund,” says Guidry.

After that, a public hearing would be scheduled for the public to voice any opinions or concerns.  Guidry says the board would then take action to adopt the budget. “We actually have to submit our budget on state form by September 30, but the actual adoption has to occur by September 15,” adds Guidry.

Guidry explains from a sales tax perspective the board has not yet utilized any of the money generated from the 2002  Sales Tax Fund. In terms of rainy day fund dollars, the dollar amount is still undetermined.

Guidry says especially since 90% of the budget is based on staffing. As it gets later in the process, balancing the budget without those dollars can get more difficult. “Try not to make staffing changes once school opens. You try to avoid that as much as possible, if at all possible. So when that occurs the fund balance is one of the few remaining options.  So, that’s why I’m saying at this point I think we’re going to utilize fund balance; but the dollar amount is yet to be determined.”

The next budget meeting is Thursday, April 14 at 5:30pm.

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