St. Julien Park project shovel ready

After two and a half years of waiting, the St. Julien Park project on Albertson Parkway is now shovel ready.

“We are finally seeing the first projects, if you will, out for bid. those were approved last night by the city council,” said Broussard spokesperson Amy Jones.

Phase one of construction will include a new soccer field, maintenance building, and concession stands. They will be built in the next three hundred days, said Jones.

The first phase of the project will cost city tax payers just over $2 million.

This fall, Broussard will select a construction company to start bidding next phases of the 171-acre project that, in the end, is estimated to cost about $27 million.

All paid for with a half-cent sales tax.  

“The park. Good for the city. But, more importantly, good for the economy,” said Jones.

Residents in both Youngsville and Broussard have the same idea—if you build it, they will come—that is thousands of sports tourists, dollars, and traffic. Employees at Rotolo’s Pizzeria just down the road from St. Julien Park said this could be a big win for business.

“With us being right in the middle of everything, people are going to see that they’re going to get hungry with everything opening and they’re going to come by and see us,” said Rotolo’s employee Euric Meche

It’s unclear when St. Julien Park will be complete, but in the end, the city said that visitors can expect to see basketball and tennis courts, volleyball, baseball fields, and batting cages among other features.

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