Residents speak out against Multi-Chem plant

The Maurice Multi-Chem plant on LA Hwy 92 wants to discharge reverse osmosis reject water into a road side ditch.

Multi-Chem needs approval from state environmental officials, but in the meantime nearby residents, like Marcella Manuel, are putting up a fight.

“I don’t understand why they keep letting these companies get away with all the non-compliance that we have found,” said Manuel.

According to the state Department of Environmental Quality—or DEQ—“During the preparation of this permit, it has been determined that the discharge will have no adverse impact on the existing uses of the receiving waterbody. As with any discharge, however, some change in existing water quality may occur.”

“We don’t know what measuring stick they are using to even say that in the first place, but not effecting the water, they’re saying it’s not going to adversely affect it but it is going to affect it, so what does that mean?” said Manuel.

We reached out to Multi-Chem, a Halliburton service, who sent us an e-mail saying “the water purification unit utilizes filtration to remove certain impurities and hardness from the public water system end quote…then referring us to the hundreds of pages of documents on the DEQ website.”

Residents will be meeting with representatives from both Halliburton and DEQ to discuss the details of the permit in about an hour at North Vermilion High School.

In Vermilion Parish, residents there are protesting a chemical plant looking to discharge chemicals into a road side ditch.

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