Resource officer keeps school safe

The 2014-2015 school year began this week, and as always parents are concerned about their child’s safety in school.

Lafayette Police Officer Don Thibeaux works as a School Resource Officer at Lafayette High School.

“We walk the campus throughout the day in just different areas. We check the bathroom, parking lots, and inner and outer perimeters of the school. The kids never know where we’re at and that’s not spying on the kids. We just want to make sure that the campus is safe,” said Thibeaux.

While he’s there to keep things in order on campus, Thibeaux said he wants students to know he’s also available if they need someone to confide in.

“We want the kids to know that they can trust us with any type of problem that they may have; whether it be personal problems or problems dealing with a bullying incident or something of a criminal nature. We want them to know that they can come to us and you know that’s what we do,” said Thibeaux.

One student Emily Belsom, like many others, said she feels safer in school with Officer Thibeaux on campus.

“I was told as a Freshman if you need anything go talk to the resource officers they’ll handle it. It’s really nice to know that they’re going to be there,” said Belsom.

Lafayette High Principal Patrick Leonard said Thibeaux has been a mentor for many children on campus.

“He is truly a resource to students. In fact, instead of a School Resource Officer I would call him a Student Resource Officer because they do go to him and confide in him about stuff  they wouldn’t come to us about,” said Leonard.

Leonard said thanks to Officer Thibeaux, the first few days of school are running smoother than he anticipated.

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