Council approves transit agreement

A transportation agreement between Lafayette Consolidated Government and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette was up for a vote Tuesday evening. Council members voted following lengthy discussion to pass an amended ordinance giving authorization for the city of Lafayette to enter into a transit agreement with UL Lafayette. A total of eight busses would be leased to UL Lafayette for students and faculty to travel back and forth from campus to Cajun Field.

Also in the agreement all current full and part-time students, plus faculty with valid school ID’s would be able to ride all city busses for free.

The free service became a hot button issue during meeting.

Council members were also concerned about the city being responsible for 20 percent of major maintenance costs.

Cherie Soileau, Director of Transportation for UL Lafayette says there will be more discussion. “Because there’s a change I have to take it to my management and make sure they approve it. We will just go back and talk to the university officials and we see what happens,” said Soileau. If the University approves the change in the ordinance, both the University and the city would enter into a two-year agreement.

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