Carencro Ordinance Recoups Criminal Clean-Up Costs

If you own property in Carencro, you might want to keep an eye on what’s happening there. The Carencro City Council is fighting back against criminal activity costing the city and its taxpayers money.

The council passed an ordinance Monday authorizing the city to recover from a property owner reasonable costs associated with criminal activity conducted on the property owners’ property. In other words, if the city has to clean-up after a crime; the person who owns the property will be held accountable to pay that money back. “So this put it in the law and gives the city some teeth to go after the property owner of this criminal activity to recover those costs,” said Mayor Glenn Brasseaux.

The mayor reminded the council the city has had to pay for criminal clean-up before. Such is the case a few months ago. Brasseaux said Carencro had to deal with a meth lab. “When it was on the side of the road the citizens of Carencro absorbed the cost for that. That was roughly $900 dollars,” explained the mayor.

The mayor said there was another meth lab bust on private property. The city had nothing on the books to get back what was paid out. “We had nothing in our ordinance to make the property owner for that residence where the meth lab was to recover our taxpayers expense to clean it up,” noted Brasseaux.

The ordinance passed Monday by unanimous vote. 

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