Breaux Bridge phonebook nicknames

By: Kellie Brown

Almost everyone uses a cellphone these days, so looking up someone’s number in a phone book is becoming less common. But Breaux Bridge is keeping that past time alive in a unique way.

It’s known as the crawfish capitol of the world but Breaux Bridge may soon have another title under its belt “the South’s Friendliest Phone Book.”

According to garden and gun magazine, for over sixty-five years the small town has used nicknames in its phone book.

Tina Begnaud the city’s Director of Tourism says the nicknames are necessary.

“Everyone here has a nickname and because alotta people are juniors or the fathers they carry the father’s name and on down the line. Well then you have to give them a little nickname so you can distinguish between who’s who.”

It all started when a dial system and phone directory was put in place in 1949. Many of the residents did not know their neighbors legal name, so nicknames became the staple…something only locals would know.

“Whether it’s T-boy or Junior or um…I don’t know they have so many they even have a little T-Nun from the Poche Bridge are.”

This tradition is definitely one of a kind and one of the perks of living in a small town.

“I think it’s pretty unique because it kind of separates us from everyone else.”

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