LPSS Superintendent Investigation Meeting Talked About

Lafayette Parish School Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper says frankly he’s puzzled. At Wednesday’s regular school board meeting, Dr. Pat Cooper focused on what’s bothering him. He explained it’s the investigation pre-scheduled meeting that was set for Tuesday.  Recently, the board hired a Baton Rouge lawyer to investigate alleged complaints against Dr. Cooper.

Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper told the board that the investigating attorney is looking into seven items in their investigation of him. Here are few which he says are of no surprise: “Another one was the payment of Mr. Roy; as according to my contract he should be paid,” said Dr. Cooper.  “Hiring some of the principals for 244 days that’s basically been cleared by the legislative auditor and our auditor,” added the superintendent.

In addition, Dr. Cooper wanted to know why a special meeting was scheduled Tuesday even though it was known he would have not been able to attend.  “And why did we attempt to have a rushed Tuesday night meeting when it was known that I have not been able to talk to the investigating attorney.  That doesn’t seem to be a fair way to try to do business,” noted Cooper.

The superintendent also brought-up a question about an alleged “investigative report.”Cooper says he learned there is no report. “Then I understood the report was deleted and then it wasn’t deleted. I guess my question is, doesn’t anyone have a report?”

The board president, Dr. Hunter Beasley took up the charge explaining his reason for scheduling Tuesday’s meeting – only having to cancel it. “I was not aware that there was not any communication between the attorney and Dr. Cooper.”

In terms of an investigative report being out there, Dr. Beasley confirms he only received a rough draft. “For me to immediately supply to other board members would be I felt improper as a board president.  That information would not be complete and could very well be misleading,” added Beasley.

The board president mentioned he expects to receive a report possibly in a week or two.  However, Beasley stated he’s a bit unsure since he’s never been officially given a date.

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