Duson Sewer Upgrades

The Mayor of Duson is working toward improving the town’s sewer system. In fact, the town has been awarded a grant so that the town can catch up to other municipalities.

“The lift station takes the sewerage from one location and pushes it into another location. Until it finally ends up the sewer plant,” said Mayor Johnny Thibodeaux.

            The town has eight lift stations. One in particular has been costing the town a considerable amount of keep up money.

“We received a $170,000 sewer grant. We’re going to be doing away with a lift station on Daulaut Drive.  We’re going to be doing drive gravity feed to the other main hole,” Thibodeaux explained.

In addition, the mayor received a grant of $18,000, which could allow the town to put four of the eight lift station on-line.

 “We’re going to be able to watch if something happens it’s going to notify us right away.  And with all the modern technology we’ll be able to correct some of these problems on the internet with our I-phone.”

            Thibodeaux explained Duson was in the hole, financially, before he took office. In June, an independent financial auditor noted that two year ago Duson had an $189,000 deficit. Last year, the town recorded a surplus. The mayor hopes the grant will be an added step in the right direction.


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