Duson Police officer shortage addressed

The Interim Police Chief in Duson says the Duson police department is in need of more officers. So much so, that the sheriff’s office has offered to pitch-in to help.

“They will provide us with a marked unit and a deputy to help with our manpower crisis right now,” says Duson Interim Police Chief Joe Caillet.  Caillet issued to the Duson Town Council a report on the status of the Duson Police Department.

Calliet has served as the town’s interim chief since the former chief was terminated last month.  “We’ve made several arrests and issued summons in the last month.  I don’t have an exact figure at this point and time; but just want to let you know we have been responding to complaints we’ve been getting from the citizens of Duson,” adds Caillet.

Caillet informed the council due to the department’s manpower shortage the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s office has made an offer to help. “They’re asking for a marked unit with a deputy for $40 an hour,” says Caillet.

Caillet explains the deputy and marked unit are options to consider until more officers are hired and trained. “We have a couple of applicants for full time officers. They’re going through the evaluation process and they have to take their psych exams.”

Plus, the interim chief noted the Town of Scott has several surplus vehicles. “They have right now three surplus units and they’re willing to sell them to the town, if we would like to purchase them. I just want to present that to the council,” adds Caillet.

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