Coulee Clean-up in Lafayette Parish

    The cleanup of Coulee Ill Des Cannes has been an ongoing battle for parish government. Lafayette Consolidated and surrounding towns have been fighting draining issues for years. Councilman Kevin Naquin, who has labored to bring money into the parish, is finally seeing some results of his efforts. Naquin said the impact on drainage and flooding will be huge.

“We’re doing this channel and we’re going to be moving onto future channels throughout the parish and throughout the district. Some, starting in October going into 2015,” said Naquin

The city-parish government is working with what is has for the time being. Landowners are granting property access to help get the ball rolling. But Naquin said they are not trying to take anyone’s property.

“We want to get access to where we can do the beautiful things that are getting done here” the councilman said.

There’s zero money left for capital improvement, according to Naquin. This means making the channels bigger and wider is something that isn’t possible at the current moment.

“We can basically restore this coulee channel and give it life again, allowing water to flow.”

Residents have a hand in keeping the coulee free flowing by keeping it litter free. People have disposed of refrigerators, washing and drying machines, mattress in the coulee, which hurts drainage.

Lafayette Consolidated has been awarded 3.8 million dollars through a Hurricane Gustav/Ike Grant that will help in restoration efforts. According to Naquin, those efforts have been largely supported by the city of Scott. Mayor Purvis Morrison and his council have agreed to put up $700,000 over two years. The money is expected to help widen and improve the coulee from Dulles south of I-10 to the Old Spanish Trail.

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