Interim councilman to tackle drainage

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Interim District 2 Iberia Parish Councilman Joseph Davis Jr., has about six months until the election, but plans on making every day count.

“I would like to address whatever they have, whatever problems the people have, and just see if we can get them resolved,” said Davis.  

Less than a week into his term, Davis—whose nickname is “Joe”—said he’s already begun setting his agenda.

“We have some drainage problems. I want to tackle that and get with them. A young man just came and talked to me,” said Davis.

Last Wednesday, the Parish Council voted Davis into the seat over two other candidates. Davis, who turned 66 years old on Tuesday, spent two years in the United States Navy; a year and a half of his service was spent in Vietnam. Following his tour in the Far East, Davis spent 32 years down in the salt mines under Weeks Island.

But, never had any political aspirations.

“Never, though, I would ever. It never crossed my mind,” said Davis.  

Until, he said, he was approached by former District 2 Councilman Curtis Boudoin in July. Now, Davis will remain in Boudoin’s seat until the Spring Municipal Election in March.

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