Locals Celebrate Labor Day

While many residents in the Hub City decided to travel for the holiday, some enjoyed this day of leisure by spending time with family at Girard Park.

“We brought the kids to the park today to enjoy our day off,” said Rusty Baudoin, Park Visitor.

These words were said by many on Labor Day Monday.

“We are just here having a nice time for Labor Day and having friends and family visiting us from Charenton, Louisiana and it’s a nice surrounding today,” said Kenya Isidore, Park Visitor.

Residents in the community even pulled out the aprons and basketballs to add more excitement to their fun-filled day.

“We are in Girard park cooking and playing ball such as basketball, baseball and kickball. You name it, we’re doing it,” said Thawanna Jean-Batiste, Park Visitor.

Some students even became creative with their Labor Day fun.

“We got a little slip and slide going on with some beer pong. We’re hanging out with some friends..we were going to go by the pool but, we decided it would be better to come out and enjoy the weather by the park. It’s just a fun time really,” said one University of Louisiana at Lafayette Student.

Following the Ragin Cajun’s first big win of the season this past weekend, students say they were looking to end their extended weekend on a high note.

“We have to get back to school tomorrow so we have to buckle down after this. It was a good weekend. We have to close it right so hopefully it’ll end well,” said One Student.

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