Lawsuit Questions LPSB Member’s Residency

An attorney representing Lafayette Parish School board Member Mark Cockerham says a lawsuit recently filed questions where Mark Cockerham lives in relation to the district he serves on the board. Mark Cockerham’s attorney, Gary McGoffin contends that the lawsuit is factually incorrect. “Nancy Cech filed a disqualification petition against Mark Cockerham stating that he does not live in his district,” says McGoffin.

McGoffin says the complaint is based on an old map. Plus, even though Cockerham moved he still resides in District 7. “His domicile is in district seven. He gets his mail there. He goes to church there.”

Cockerham says the lawsuit is about politics in-time for the November elections. “It does not surprise me that this has happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens to other candidates as well,” says Cockerham.

“The real issue is why she did it. When you look at the petition it’s obviously by an attorney rather than by a private citizen,” adds McGoffin.

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