Creole license plates available soon

Creole culture in Louisiana will soon be displayed on a new avenue. The first batch of Creole license plates are being made at the Louisiana Penitentiary. State Representative Vincent Pierre, who spear-headed the project says “It was created last legislative session in 2013, we thought of ways in which we can expose or give more exposure to the Creole culture.” The legislation was passed unanimously through the house and the senate and has now been approved by Governor Jindal. “We’re really excited as a Creole community that we now have something that we can not only sell to the local community but throughout Louisiana.”

The revenue generated from the license plate sales will go to the French Immersion program through CODIFIL, which will help improve the French language across the state. “We are also hoping that there are more Creole based programs that’s going to be offered throughout our state and throughout the local area. We’re really excited because CODIFIL has embraced the idea and we look forward to more things to come from the Creole experience and the Creole culture” said Pierre.

He believes with the creation of this piece representing Creole culture, anyone connected to it now has something that draws attention to some of the great things the Creole community has to offer, “everyone that’s involved in any part of music, food as far as the French-speaking will be really excited that we have now found a product that we can introduce to the community that’s going to go back into training folks on how to speak Creole French.”

 The official unveiling of the plate will be Friday, September 19th. For those interested in purchasing an “I’m Creole and Proud” license plate, they’ll be available at the Department of Motor Vehicles Monday, September 21st for $30.00 plus DMV fees.

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