LPSB Cancels Executive Session, Attorney Not Present

The Lafayette Parish School Board meeting scheduled on Wednesday had a few adjustments. The major change was the cancellation of a planned executive session to consider charges brought by an attorney hired by the board to investigate LPSS Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper.

LPSS Board President Dr. Hunter Beasley explained why the executive session was not going to take place. “There’s been some problems for the investigative counsel to be coming from Baton Rouge, because of the inclement weather. I have not seen him here yet. So, with him not being present he will not be able to make his report,” says Dr. Beasley.

Dr. Cooper says he wants everyone to understand this is a landmark case on whether Act One is to followed or not. The superintendent is referring to the questioning of his rights afforded by the state as superintendent.

 “I’m disappointed the attorney didn’t show up. We were going to have an open executive session. I want everything to be in public, because this is such an important issue. We need to be able to document every single thing that happens; every word, and every action from both sides,” explains Cooper.

Cooper adds even though he’s disappointed, he’s confident the meeting will take place when it’s supposed to. “It’s an important issue and I’m willing to wait to get it settled,” adds the superintendent.

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