Downtown alive gets Wi-Fi

Great news Downtown Alive fans, beginning this fall free Wi-Fi will now be available at Parc International and Parc Sans Souci. 
Organizers with downtown alive are kicking off their fall season with a major addition free high-speed Wi-Fi for all who attend. This comes after a partnership between DTA and LUS Fiber.
“You don’t have to be an LUS customer to enjoy it you know you don’t have to follow any kind of guidelines you can just accept the terms of agreement and it’s free and public for you to use” says” Director on Marketing Downtown Development Katie Durio.

Durio says Hub City Wi-Fi will be fast and accessible from any device. Durio adds she expects it to be beneficial for everyone.

“We rely on Wi-Fi to process credit cards sales. Tweeting and posting. You figure Downtown Parc International can fit 7,000 people in one space you’ll see that’s why we have so many routers here.”

Director of LUS Fiber Terry Huval says his goal is to one day make free Wi-Fi available throughout the downtown area.

“We expect this to be a permanent fixture downtown. Our intent is to have these wireless systems in use that’s going to be here all the time and be used for certain events initially and as time goes on I can see it expanding beyond that point.””

Huval says this comes after the success of their test run during festival international at Parc Putnam.

“A lot of people were there a lot of people were able to access it you know it really worked well and that’s when we decided to ok we can take this next step here and come to this Parc.””

Downtown alive crowds can test the new Wi-Fi system at the fall kick-off concert tomorrow beginning at 5:30 PM.

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